The Hotel Project, Day 5

September 29, 2020, Dallas-

The young mother pushed her son’s stroller up to where I was standing, and matter-of-factly asked me to hold her clean laundry, when it comes back tomorrow, as she was headed to her hometown, to tend to a family emergency. She will return on Thursday or Friday.

We are approaching the midpoint in this effort, and yes, people are moving out of the hotel and on towards salvaging their possessions, their livelihoods and their lives. It will be a rocky process for most, and as one gentleman reminded us, this afternoon, we volunteers, as hard as we are working now, will soon head back to lives of relative comfort. Those hit by three successive storms will, in many cases, have no such respite.

This team is far more comprised of multiple generations, than the Strike Team with whom I worked in Alexandria. I find it most gratifying. Half of the team here is comprised of Millennials, giving the lie to arguments that the younger generations have no cache in solving the problems of society. The ideas and observations of our younger teammates equal their energy, in value.

We shall overcome-and so shall the victims of the storms.

4 thoughts on “The Hotel Project, Day 5

  1. All your efforts matter, Gary. Praise God for each of you who are working together. I personally find most millenials to be hard workers with strong ambitions, and extremely caring about their environment and fellow man. Maybe I am unaware of the branding put on them. Glad you are able to have a good team. Continuing to pray for you and those you are helping.

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  2. I hope the team can continue to assist! It is wonderful that the young mother had such trust in you that she could ask that her laundry (probably all the clothes she owns) be looked after by you. I’m hoping the return to “normal” is smooth for all those displaced and whose lives have been so completely disrupted.

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  3. The “kids” are showing enormous fortitude and work ethos, both as volunteers and as people facing great personal challenges. A lot of trust is necessary, in order for us all to get through these times.


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