The Hotel Project, Day 10

October 4, 2020, Dallas-

The process of sorting out which homes are liveable, and therefore ready to re-occupy, is a tortuous process, in which our Red Cross team has little say. There may well be some back and forth, between home owners and renters, who may have quite a different concept of what is liveable from that of the state and Federal authorities who are making the determination. A formulaic approach will always have its drawbacks.

There may be a tense few days ahead, but we have done, and are doing, our part in keeping the evacuees in a safe and secure environment, until the time comes for them to go to one place or another.

The children were entertained by a game night, which featured Simon Says, a Relay Race and Freeze Dance, which is like Freeze Tag, except dancing stops when music stops and resumes when the music starts again. I did my share of dancing around-and got caught by the sudden stop, a couple of times.

A found child, at the end of the evening, complicated matters, with the police and hotel management still in the process of reuniting parents and child, as our shift ended. At least the little one was in safe hands.

2 thoughts on “The Hotel Project, Day 10

    • There are all the bureaucracy vs. common people conflicts simmering, at the interstate levels, with the looming threat of Hurricane Delta, later in the week. Alas, by then, I will be back in Arizona, with people there having their own expectations of me. It’ll be what it will be.


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