The Hotel Project, Day 11

October 5, 2020, Dallas-

I get that the president wants to get back to his work. I am also one to be looking at finishing what I start. One of our coworkers is sidelined by illness, which may or may not be COVID19. None of the rest of us are showing symptoms, though, so it could be something entirely different. The same thing happened in Alexandria, and the one person was quarantined-with the rest of us not becoming infected.

We resolved the missing clothing problem, from last week and a very happy, relieved client was reunited with her wardrobe. Several others began to take ownership of their short-term futures, though the human aversion to change was evident, among many of the people.

There is, on balance, an appreciation for what Red Cross has done for the communities in southern Louisiana, with none of the agitation by the Far Right that followed Hurricane Harvey, in 2017. The organization is committed to continuing to work WITH the people and communities of the region, as they face both return to the area and yet another hurricane, this coming weekend. Many have said, flat-out, that they will relocate to Texas, permanently. I’m sure many more will choose to move elsewhere, once the fullness of the hurricane season is through.

Tomorrow is the last full day of deployment and Wednesday will be a transit day. Both will be full of activity and change.

4 thoughts on “The Hotel Project, Day 11

  1. I’m a little behind — was in Santa Barbara last week. I’m glad you had a good day with Aram and Yunhee (sorry if I misspelled her name). And I’m glad you will soon be on your way home. The weather has been hot here again, but it’s supposed to break in another day or two, just in time for your return! Change is always difficult, and I can’t imagine going through the things your clients have experienced — you’ve done well to serve them as well as it sounds as if you have all done!

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    • Hope your visit to SB was pleasant. The weather will break, across the Southwest, next week-no long Aug-tober, this year. The dryness, expected to last through November, is bad enough. The storm evacuees are facing a lot of bureaucratic disconnect from their individual situations-both at the state and Federal levels. It will take a lot of grassroots action to overcome this hurricane season-and some communities may not recover. I can see some bayou towns turning into the same kind of Big Money playgrounds as Paradise has become.


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