Rough Adjustment

October 10, 2020-

Today, “Double Tenth” to the Chinese of Taiwan (who regard it as their National Day) is also the normal beginning of cooler weather, around these parts, give or take a few random warmer days in mid-October, Since it is a time of change, I tend to reflect on changes within myself and around me, in the month or so before I complete this latest trip around the Sun.

Probably the biggest change in front of me is actually a reversion- There will be more eating at home base. I have gone to restaurants, several times a week, since COVID19 hit-either getting take-out or, as things calmed down for a while, taking a seat at a table. I’ve mentioned before, that a single diner taking up a table is viewed as a nuisance in some places. That is true of about half of the establishments I have frequented- thus comes a good opportunity to cut back on “support meals”, which were designed to help keep restaurants afloat during the height of the first wave of the pandemic.

A year ago, or even a few months prior, I might have been inclined to take cold treatment in a public place rather personally. I see it now as more a matter of logistics and economics- places with limited seating and which draw families and couples, are practicing their idea of triage. There are maybe five restaurants in town where my presence is still very welcome, so it is those which will yet get my business.

What makes the whole change easy to accomplish is the overall benefit to my dietary health. It’s not such a rough adjustment, after all.

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