Omaha, etc.

October 28, 2020-

I am now 69 years, 11 months of age. The most transformative decade of my life is almost ready to give way to a time which is bound to be even more transformative.

I wrote, yesterday, about children and elders deserving to be valued by everyone in their community. So, it was with great consternation that I learned of thirty or so people stranded in bitter cold, after a political rally in Omaha, last night. Granted, there was a storm and it was hard to navigate icy roads, but this was Omaha-where such things happen regularly. The well-being of children and seniors should have been taken into account-before the rally even started. Let the blame fall where it belongs, but I hope there are, finally, lessons learned- and that nobody ends up dying from it.

Closer to the everyday ground, what is it with people who accost strangers in stores, and demand attention, by blocking the stranger’s path-all the while not observing physical distance and breathing all over the items the stranger(s) are trying to purchase? I am not asking for myself, but for those who have had difficulty, of late, with rude people standing in front of them, and refusing requests to be excused. I have a hard time with passive-aggressive folks, in the first place, and have gotten better at (nicely, at first) calling them out.

My hope and prayer is that these cases of viewing other people as unimportant will NOT result in acts of violent retribution.

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