October 29, 2020-

No ssoner had I written yesterday’s plaint, than I listened to a trusted cosmic adviser, saying, in no uncertain terms, to not take things personally-as it is a waste of time and energy. This person has been right on point, in the seven months that I have listened to and read her daily and weekly obeservations. Indeed, for the most part, I have maintained progress in tidying up dirty corners, smoothing jagged edges and casting baggage aside.

I look back at some life lessons that came my way, well before the losses, and the gains, of the decade just past. In each case, I had a sign to go in a certain direction, ignored it and ended up both losing focus and wasting both my, and other people’s time. There is nothing to be gained from rehashing the details here, but I have learned, especially since 2013, to not go counterclockwise, when the reverse is shown me by my spirit guides.

It has thus been a far more productive life-and certainly less stressful, than at so many earlier points along the way. I expect this will continue, and probably accelerate, in some ways. Certainly, the past few weeks have shown me how I might have been a far better teacher, all those years ago, and in the 2000s. Finally knowing to foster the thinking process, rather than focusing on cramming content, leads me to apologize, here, to anyone who may have been disserved by my hobbled efforts. My current students, who change every so many days, are certainly the better off.

My friendships have been genuine and heartfelt, only stymied by a few short periods of grief-induced detours. These, again, would have been avoided, had I listened to my spirit guides.

So the accent will again be on the positive, here; there being plenty of negativity elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “Turnaround

  1. Gary I’ve never felt that the tone of your posts was negative. We all like to vent now and again but venting is sometimes a necessary release of energy – both positive and negative… As Shrek often says, “better out than in.”

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