Your Dreams

November 18, 2020-

Your dreams count,

so long as they don’t mean

the destruction of another

of God’s creatures.

Your dreams matter,

even if they differ

from another’s dreams,

but let them not

be the stuff of negation.

Your dreams can,

and should,

be wondrous

and raise the level

of mankind,

and of our collective home.

Your dreams-

may they propel you

forward into the Light.

4 thoughts on “Your Dreams

  1. Darkness

    Their dreams are my nightmares.
    Visions haunt me of my wishes.
    My eyes gaze outside prison
    Where some children play.
    Soon they will become equal
    And pay a long list of bills.
    Numbers add and subtract,
    All they ever wanted me to know.
    I daydream of leaving, nothing.
    The mark of the beast tattooed.
    Unknown to me but confident.

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