Animal Visions

December 5, 2020-

As has been the case quite often, of late, I had a vivid dream last night-this one of my being a personal guest of the President of Brazil, at his country villa. I was actually speaking Portuguese, intermittently, with the leader speaking English, in his turn. It was a cordial, and rather casual, visit- with the two of us having an earnest discussion about Amazonia-and me pointing out that there is evidence of a grand ancient civilization in the river basin.

As often happens in dream sequences, the matter went unresolved, with the president excusing himself to go to bed and me being escorted to the guest bedroom. The next dream scene had me being greeted by a full-grown alpaca, which was a house pet-in a different house (and probably a different country). The beast looked out the window and saw a bunch of kangaroos gamboling outside. Alpaca went to the door and looked at me to let him out. I opened the door, and he nudged me to go outside with him. Then I woke up.

I cannot readily imagine either scenario; neither can I rule eother one out. It’s as likely that something I ate may have sparked the unusual, as it was that the books I’ve been reading about ancient peoples of the Americas planted thought threads in my mind. I can’t speak to the animal vision, but perhaps the fact that I’ve been close to animals, most of my life had something to do with it.

I do know that certain spiritual attributes are tied to particular animals, the stereotypes being such as an owl embodying wisdom, a coyote or a fox depicting stealth or treachery or a large feline exhibiting courage and ferocity. For some reason, I have always felt close to the bear, though exactly what lies behind that is unknown to me.

Perhaps each of us does have a true connection with a given animal, in which case, awareness of our true attributes is a good place to begin, in the search for understanding that connection.

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