Small Blessings

December 4, 2020-

Thoughts on the last day of regular full-time work:

A day of crafts,

holiday decorations,

helping to distribute packets

for for online instruction.

Watching with pride,

as child “laces up”

a paper Christmas stocking,

carefully running string

through 24 holes.

Watching with consternation,

as little girl imitates fashionista,

and gratified when she heeds

my warning that

not even big girls get to

show off, in school.


that colleague feels better

after serious health issue



that staff saw my work

as worthy of praise and gratitude.

This may be the sunset

of my working life,


COVID’s fallout may lead to

the phone ringing again,

in January.

5 thoughts on “Small Blessings

  1. Age does not define value. The very young can contribute and the senior is a wealth of knowledge and experiences. I am so glad that your coworkers recognize your value. I will hope that you will be called upon for more substitute work but not because of illness of any teacher or their families!

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    • I will be fine with working in the next semester, though likely not as often as up to now. I will ease into the lighter work schedule that passes for retirement in our society. Besides, there are many other pursuits ahead.


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