Small Blessings


December 4, 2020-

Thoughts on the last day of regular full-time work:

A day of crafts,

holiday decorations,

helping to distribute packets

for for online instruction.

Watching with pride,

as child “laces up”

a paper Christmas stocking,

carefully running string

through 24 holes.

Watching with consternation,

as little girl imitates fashionista,

and gratified when she heeds

my warning that

not even big girls get to

show off, in school.


that colleague feels better

after serious health issue



that staff saw my work

as worthy of praise and gratitude.

This may be the sunset

of my working life,


COVID’s fallout may lead to

the phone ringing again,

in January.

Sudden Shifts


December 2, 2020- As the time for my retirement (more or less) gets closer, there is still no end to the surprises and shifts that continue in the conduct of public education. I no sooner was told my scheduled assignment for today had been canceled, than I got a call for three days-thus taking me through this week.

The next surprise: Friday will most likely be my last day of work for the calendar year. This is due to the school districts going online again, beginning Monday. I am strictly an in-person educator, as far as public schools are concerned. I helped a few children when attempting online instruction, but it was tough, which is likely one reason why the previous assignment was canceled-as online instruction was part of it.

This will prompt a re-assessment of my schedule for the next two weeks, but change is a constant. There is always a lot to do. For tomorrow and Friday, my young charges are glad that I came back. They are not thrilled about going back to online learning, so I hope that streaming technology, at least, can make things vivid for them. The chances of them going back to in-person learning, in January, will depend on COVID levels at that time. I will be taking on only special assignments, in the new calendar year, in any event.

Staying personally disciplined is, and will be, the only thing that will keep me standing-regardless of the swiftness or degree of changes. So, it will remain- Rise early, keep serving and stay steadfast in both exercise and faith. That, and be discerning with regard to the claims to reality, of disparate groups.