August 2, 2021– My hiking buddy noticed the length of the sutured scar on my left cheek and wondered whether the basal cell had roots along the length of the incision. Perhaps, as it is the nature of invasive beings to send out tendrils. Trees send out root networks, which work for the betterment of those benefitting from what is produced, and tot he detriment of those who need their underground pipes and power lined left alone. Cancer cells just send out tendrils, after they reach a certain stage of growth. As the surgeon said he got all that there was of this basal cell, I am confident there are no such tendrils remaining.

Humans who prey on others also send out tendrils. I occasionally get e-mails from people claiming to represent this or that departed relative’s estate. These go to the spam file and are deleted. I do, however, notify whichever immediate family member of said relative is in my network, that such shenanigans are taking place-and after we both agree it’s a scam, nothing further needs to be said. I would do the same with phone calls-or even letters.

This brings me to the networks which DO need to be spread about, like the best of trees. You have read of a disaffected young man, who appears to see yours truly as the only one who can help him achieve his goals. I am seventy years of age, and though in good health, nothing is guaranteed, long term. My will has been written and my immediate family stands to receive my estate. Only a carefully-established network, which I continue to encourage the young man to establish, will resolve the lingering problems associated with poverty.

For the record, I fully intend to live a few more decades, anyway, and will continue to stress the value of networking. An overloaded basket loses all eggs.

4 thoughts on “Tendrils

  1. Unless you have considerably more than you need to live in comfort, it is NOT your responsibility to support every young person who see you as a source of cash. It is far more effective to donate to established organizations that focus on the needs of those in poverty than it is to donate funds to an individual who sees you as a source of support. The exit from poverty does not depend upon individuals handing over cash — it takes hard work on the part of the individual in poverty, just as you may have had to work your way out of poverty. You indicate that your will is written — now your job is to protect your estate so that those you wish to receive it will receive the maximum possible amount.


  2. There is always a need. But as you are neither a bank or lending institution nor a charitable organization I think you’ve exceeded the expectations of financial support being asked… No guilt! You did more than your share – it is time he walked on his own. I’m again pleased to hear that the surgery successfully removed all traces of the cancer!

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