October 20, 2021-

I had three snippies (skin tumor removals) slated for this year. The first, and largest, took place in early summer and is now a distant memory, with a faint scar. The second, which was both the smallest and the most serious, was done today. The bandage will accompany me to work, tomorrow, and I will answer questions like “How does the other guy look?” and “Are you going to get the other cheek (facial) done, the same way?” The third and last one will be done in mid-November, a week before Thanksgiving.

These events have made Manda Sunblock my friend, even if it initially gives me Ghost Face. They have also left me with scars-the first of which has mostly faded. The urban myth about scars on men being attractive to women has scarcely entered my mind, day to day. Then again, my women friends are mostly past that sort of thing. We are all pretty much into facilitating one another’s dreams and life plans.

So, the scraping, cutting, cauterizing and suturing have not been any big deal. The alternative, however, would be a VERY big deal, and I would have no one but myself to blame. Once the last one is done, dermatology will become a semiannual part of my health regimen, and life will be that much more unimpeded by snippies.

4 thoughts on “Snippies

  1. Sometimes the little ones are the most dangerous!! Glad you have gotten rid of them and are now using the sunscreen!!! Keeping an eye on things is most important as the sun damage that’s already happened could produce more spots to be snipped!!

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  2. When we were kids, it was thought that the sun was a good thing — that a tan was representative of good health. Then it turned out that those tans we had were actually damaging to the skin — damage that would not become evident until we were middle-aged. Hopefully the children of today will not have to endure the results of “laying out,” — and I hope you will always follow that 6-months routine, even if it does mean more spots are discovered that need snipping!

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