July 19, 2022- The long-winded gentleman took twenty minutes to describe a method of boosting metabolism and removing those elements which block the turning of food into energy. I understand the need to explain the science, and to offer a personal narrative, but I was glad when he finally named the ingredients that might help me boost my own metabolism.

His product, containing mangosteen juice, ashwagandha powder, cinnamon bark, panax ginseng, green tea and inulin (carob powder), in a shake form, is rather pricey. So, I got those products, from Prescott’s most reliable herb shop (One Root Tea), and two organic food stores-Sprouts and Natural Grocers, and will add a morning supplemental regimen of the aforementioned, to the evening Lifelong Vitality Supplements. Am I sounding like others of a certain age? Why, of course! That’s okay. I will improvise a daily concoction or shake, with the powders and take the capsules with it. We will see if the spokesperson’s promise that “You, too, can move like Jagger!” pans out. I find Mick to be rather entertaining, but I can see exactly what reaction I would get, if…….

We each have a responsibility to be the best self that can be. So, working on the gut has its place. Having more energy would not be so bad, either.

4 thoughts on “Improv

  1. I may be a little premature with my reaction — but — be careful! The proportions of the ingredients may be important in this formula, and some could be dangerous if too much is used. Those “seminars” may or may not be based on good science, and it’s best to investigate before simply adding ingredients!

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    • I consulted an herbalist, before buying the items. The advice she gave is what I am using to make my own morning drink. The manufacturers themselves say, clearly, to not take more than the recommended dosage. I follow that to the letter.


  2. My grandfather lived to 94. He was a big proponent of health supplements and practiced yoga and meditation. He would take a fist full of vitamins and minerals morning and night. He was also physically active even after he became blind – up until the last year of his life when his balance prevented him from walking distances… I think you are wise to compound your own “Shake” as paying an exorbitant sum would not be healthy for your bank account!!

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