A Day of Tapas

July 20, 2022- The titular culinary art form was indeed the basis for lunch, with friend A, as we returned to El Gato Azul, Prescott’s Spanish restaurant. Our waiter brought another fine set of small bite delights, and the shaded patio was much more comfortable than on our first visit.

The day, as a whole, invoked tapas in a way-as many days do, during the school breaks. I made a return visit to Zeke’s, for breakfast, finding that nothing has changed-same great food, in a spot where I can be gone a month and am greeted as if I had been here yesterday. This is part of what makes a great Home Base.

After a quick and soothing chiropractic adjustment, I made a dry run through my upcoming dog-sitting stint, which went just fine. I have owned a number of dogs, over the years, so the twenty-four hours this weekend will be fun.

Finishing up reviews of lodging, eateries and activity sites from my recent journey and an administrative meeting this evening were the last “tapas” of the day. Somehow, it seems that most days are tapas days- with small activities complementing one another.

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