August 28, 2022- The soulful strains coming from the alto saxophone were an unexpected delight, given that all the other sounds of the evening came from guitars, drums and the human voice. All the more an unexpected delight was the person playing the horn.

Sierra, a friend of mine for five years, has shown, over and over, that her talents are of the broadest range: Herbalist, barista, carpenter, drywall layer, floor painter, guitarist, poet, singer and, as she says is her earliest musical skill- saxophonist (since the age of twelve, several years ago). She is one of several younger friends with broad ranges of skills and, contrary to a widespread misconception, a solid work ethic.

The best way I can see to encourage people of any age to realize their talents is to involve them in the work planning process, from its inception. Sierra has achieved an enormous expansion of her enterprise, with a coffee, tea and chocolate shop, a commercial kitchen, an herb shop, a new performance and conference room and other facilities to be added soon. Her team is treated well, and is increasingly involved in decision-making. Her partner, a musician, is a key member of her support system.

Friends who are closer to my age, and who also have a variety of skills, are succeeding to the extent that they involve their paid helpers in decision-making. It’s just a better way to guarantee success, in the long run.

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