Hiatus for The Rushing Streams

August 29, 2022- Lynx Creek was impassible, as friend Akuura and I looked out over it, on a short hike celebrating a break in the monsoon. That is okay by me, as the creeks and streams of our area need to have a high flow, if for no other reason than to ever so slightly raise the water table, and flow level of the rivers into which they feed: Agua Fria, Verde and Bill Williams (which in turn feeds into the Colorado River.)

The monsoon itself is on hiatus, with sunny weather predicted from now until Friday, when there are expected to be more storms throughout the weekend. Next week, from Labor Day until Thursday, 9/8, will bring another hiatus, then more monsoon rains, the following weekend. Still and all, this summer has brought the best monsoon we’ve had here in many a year.

Here are some Lynx Creek scenes.

This was at the west end of a residential area.
Scene just off a Forest Service road, in Salida Gulch area
Upstream, in Salida Gulch

Where a cross-creek trail washed out

This area is one of those in which I have spent little time, up to now. It is definitely worth more exploration, in the weeks of early October and those of November.

I returned to a frequent haunt today, finding that the return of hot sunny days affects some adults and children in a not altogether pleasant way. I sense that humidity makes many people disagreeable-and there is also the difficulty that some have with sleeping, on sultry nights. I am fortunate to have ceiling fans that keep my sleep patterns from being interrupted. There is AC, in a pinch, but I try to keep the use of that to a minimum. Other people, particularly in high rise apartment buildings and in older houses,are not so fortunate.

I like the idea of living each day to the fullest, though, regardless of weather.

4 thoughts on “Hiatus for The Rushing Streams

  1. The rushing water in your streams looks to provide some very cooling presence! The first shot is gorgeous — well composed, well exposed, and a lovely shot! We are at the beginning of another in our summer-long string of heat waves — the entire area will be under extreme heat warnings from tomorrow for at least a week, while the temps will be at least 100, even close to the sea!

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      • When I was in school, we always began the fall term on the day after Labor Day — it was ALWAYS the hottest day of the year. We’ve had 6 weeks of that weather this year already, and a hotter week coming! I now understand the admonishment to “look out for the elderly” during heat waves!

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      • Yes, it certainly is a crucial act of a civilized community to check on its most vulnerable members, during extreme weather conditions, which are all the more common now. I trust that you have a network in place for neighbours to check on one another,


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