I’m With the Humans

October 11, 2022- In the past several days, we have seen a Black man attacking Jews, Hispanics attacking Blacks and Koreans, a Samoan attacking everyone who disagrees with her, and some Whites, well ……..

I attended a Poll Chaplain training this afternoon, reminding myself that when one group gets shut out, we all lose; both those on the outside and those emulating the role of the character in “Game of Thrones” who holds the door against his perceived enemies. Besides, it’s largely orchestrated by people wielding a sort of power, who know how to manipulate the fears of one group of domination by another. The scene that ensues is people fighting over crumbs.

The poll chaplain is one who helps reassure voters and poll workers that they are safe from harm, and to comfort those who are feeling under attack, while at the polling place. If I am selected for this role, it will mean three hours of my time, on Election Day-most likely in Flagstaff. I will refrain from taking sides, but will stress the humanity of those present.

I believe the Divine does not intend for any of his creatures to be left out of the full process of living. I’m with the humans-without exception.

4 thoughts on “I’m With the Humans

  1. In CA, ballots are sent to all registered voters, with options to vote and return them by mail (with postage paid by the State), in drop boxes, or in polling places. Registration occurs automatically when you apply for a driver’s license. And if you miss deadlines other than that of returning the ballot on or before election day, you can register and vote at the same time — your ballot will be reviewed against others for duplication or other evidence of fraud before being counted. The beauty of this system is that nobody need be concerned that their ballots are not received and counted, nobody need feel harrassed, harmed, or attacked while voting, and the tendency is to have higher percentages of voters actively participating!

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    • In Arizona, despite the hype about requiring in-person voting, we still use drop boxes and mail-ins, because so many senior citizens are unable to stand in line for hours on end. Besides, in most of the state, it’s still rather hot in November.

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