The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 55: Day Out of Time


July 25, 2020-

Today, in a Celestial Calendar, that has 13 months of 28 days, with one end day, July 25, which is called Day Out of Time.

Is there such a thing as Black Saturday?

Today might have qualified.

Nothing bad happened TO me,

but around my perimeter, and beyond.

I am sick of the social blindness,

the distractions,

the attacks on innocent people

that are keeping us from

accomplishing what is necessary

as a people, as a nation.

I am sick of obfuscation, gaslighting,

demands that everyone follow

the Party Line.

I am furious at the carnage,

the fake fires, the murders

and attempted murders,

all in the name of “security”

or “purity”.

I stayed mostly around home

and off the pay-per-view

Unify festivities.

Enough is enough,

and tomorrow will be


Poison, Be Gone


April 11, 2016, Prescott-

On a day when darkness and intolerance

Tried to rear their ugly heads,

I look to the west,

and see the lowering Sun.

Its message is, “I am constant.

Dismay not, at those who shun

your honesty and earnestness.

The poison in their hearts,

will be their sole reward,

and their plots shall be left undone.

Some days shall be of headaches,

but you must stay the course.

Make yourself invaluable,

be work horse, not show horse.”