The Water Speaks

January 10, 2023- In the 2016 film, “The Queen of Katwe”, the narrator says “Water takes what it wants”, in ravaged Uganda, each year. Floods indeed ravage many countries, often capriciously and with long-term devastating effect. Last year, Pakistan suffered the worst, with Kenya not far behind. Last month, southeast Brazil suffered greatly from floods, and now it is the turn of the U.S. Pacific coast.

California has borne the brunt of the storms so far, with western Nevada getting slammed by the first one and expecting more tonight. The Northwest may well be in the cross hairs of the next storm, tomorrow or Thursday. Friends whose weather experience has been relatively benign, for several years, are now finding themselves either evacuated or stuck in their homes.

The water is speaking, and its message is clear: “There has been an imbalance, both in how I am used and in how I am treated. Now, none of you, anywhere, are totally safe from my cleansing and my wrath.”

Man is the steward of Earth, and the central task of a steward is to maintain balance, so that all resources, including the Elements, are available as needed for most, if not all, of the world’s creatures. We are definitely still in the learning curve on that one, and will remain so for some time to come. It’s been suggested that a way be found to harness the moisture from “climate bombs” and “atmospheric rivers”-and push the moisture into the Colorado River, specifically into its lakes. That may remind some of Pecos Bill lassoing a tornado, yet, if clouds can indeed be seeded and made to build moisture-then it is worth the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency and the National Science Foundation collaborating on efforts to contain and harness such excess moisture, and deposit it where it can do some good.

None of this is quick and it will be anything but easy. The same may be said about the exploration of Space and the finding of cures for deadly diseases, but on we go.

4 thoughts on “The Water Speaks

  1. Yes, if we compare to many other places, the flooding isn’t too bad. Guess it’s all perspective. I used “places” instead of “countries” because I have a friend who has been repairing his home after the flooding damage of Hurricane Ida for the past year.

    Flooding is older than man. It’s like we are just pieces of wood drifting in the rushing current of Mother Nature.

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  2. We can try to manipulate weather but it is ultimately not our decision…Sadly most of the meddling (damming of rivers, diverting water, etc.) has proved to be short-term solutions at best and disasters at worst.

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