Embracing True North

January 19,2023- When a group of us were marching back from the Courthouse to the United Methodist Church, on Monday, we passed True North Nutrition, the unintentional, but worthy, successor to Ms. Natural’s. I determined that a visit to this unique establishment would be in order-and today afforded the chance to sample the fortified waffle, which includes one’s choice of flavoured protein powder. The place promotes flavoured iced teas, yet also has delicious coffees.

The shop, which the owner, Ben Filer, calls the club, has a line of protein shakes, and he shows the year-long progress of several people, including himself and his wife, Susan, in their weight loss. It is credible, as are the various testimonies by users of other such entities, including Thrive by Level, which I have used, albeit intermittently. There are many paths to better health.

What makes True North different is the local angle. They are a small start-up, with a core staff. Ben and his wife operate this shop and one in Scottsdale, reflecting their own lifestyle of enjoying seasonal dwellings. Those who sign up for Ben’s program are given the option of a weekly progress check, by whoever is their coach. The other staff are cordial, if businesslike, explaining the nutritional benefits of the made-to-order breakfast and lunch items and encouraging use of the nutritional supplements. It is not, however, a hangout, and I was discouraged from sitting and writing in my journal, once I had finished my breakfast.

I purchased a trial shake powder and raspberry iced tea, using them as a replacement lunch. I found this quite satisfying, and MAY look further into the program. Their strengths are the unique menu, and Filer’s contagious enthusiasm. I am a bit more cautious around the other staff, but some people just need time to grow on one another.

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