Comes The Lion

March 1, 2023- The morning began, benignly, with a gentle snowfall throughout the day. The flurries were brief and probably would not have caused problems for students headed home. Then came 4 p.m., and the skies really opened up. It’s still coming down and the expectation is that the snow will continue, until early tomorrow morning. At least the wind is not fierce.

The old adage has not really borne itself out, these past few years. Nevertheless, this year, the lion is bringing in March-and not only here in the Southwest. Norman, OK, is near Moore, where I was headed for tornado shelter work, in May, 2013-before I got a call to hurry back to Prescott, for fire shelter duty. Norman had a horrific twister, two days ago and is in bad shape. A couple of friends live there, and I am waiting to see how things are for them. Then, there is the Northeast, with NYC and western New England getting the first snow of the season. My niece posted a fun set of photos of her family enjoying riding around their farm.

As I look out my picture window, the scene is lovely and serene. Few, if any, people are driving this evening. I have a medical appointment, tomorrow morning, so that should prove interesting. I wonder if my PA will even be able to get to the facility. Prescott does a good job of clearing the main roads, though, so by the time I need to go over there, things will be “slow but steady”. I also may be called to man a relief station, but that is up in the air, as of tonight.

The rest of this tale is that the NWS is not forecasting any more snow here, this season. In my experience, the time between the Ides of March and Equinox usually gives the lie to such prognostications. Stay tuned.

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