Shifting and Turning

March 2, 2023- Jennifer Lawrence looked me over, finding only a small spot of concern, on my face, and a few freezable spots on my scalp and right temple. My new Physician’s Assistant for dermatology very closely resembles the actress, and is pleasant but businesslike. She was not happy about having her work delayed by the aftermath of last night’s storm. It can’t be easy, being a thorough medical professional and having to cram several clients together. I am grateful that she got me in, this afternoon.

Jupiter and Venus are converging. The two have made a fine pair, in the western night sky, last night (not visible) and tonight (very striking). The event has no outward astrological significance, but it is pleasing to see.

Venus (top) and Jupiter (bottom) in the western night sky.
Venus and Jupiter, shifting focus

Between the skin scan and the sky scan, my Red Cross group came to a meeting of the minds, with regard to scheduling and filling disaster response slots. It turns out, I am one of the few who are presently qualified to supervise a shelter, in this region. Thus, there is hair-pulling, when I happen to be out of town. The solution, in such a case, is to partner with other agencies, which are also committed to disaster response. They can provide a supervisor, in a pinch.

The energy, at least this month, is shifting a bit, though. I will have two brief journeys, that will not interfere with any activities here. The second and third quarters of the year are also up in the air, with the route as far as Sacramento and western Nevada the only set pieces, at the end of April. The Northwest, Anchorage to Fairbanks OR a return to the Southeast of Alaska, and Vancouver Island are still possibilities for the first part of May. June and July will find me mostly helping manage camps, at a property near Flagstaff-so long as the Wildfire Season is not intense.

Everything is just more fluid, and localized, now-and that’s okay. I will be doing things as they feel right, even more than in previous years.

2 thoughts on “Shifting and Turning

  1. Glad that Ms. Lawrence is keeping a close eye on your skin!! It is nice to be needed but not to the point of being trapped! I hope that the Red Cross takes the opportunity to get a few others trained in shelter supervision…

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