Royal Treatment

March 3, 2023- A rare visitor to Home Base spent about thirty minutes here, this afternoon, presenting a series of discourses he wants to do, starting in a few weeks. The customary offers of refreshments were made and politely declined. It turns out that he, like several other friends and yours truly, is making a serious effort to rein in his girth-and it’s working well for him. My living room being comfortable, but limited, in seating, friend got the recliner and I parked myself on the couch.

It is well to prefer others to oneself, in most, if not all, circumstances. This shows a trust in the Divine and in one’s own ability to thrive, even in small cases of austerity or discomfort. In the long run, we are going to receive royal treatment, if we give it in this life.

Looking at someone as regal is the easy part. How they are treated is absolutely dependent on the nature of my relationship to the person. Years ago, I offered a bottle of Penny’s perfume, which she was not going to use again, to a young woman friend of Aram’s. Innocent enough-but she freaked out and went to him about it. Aram calmly asked me what I was thinking. That’s all it took, and I have been a lot more discerning about such matters.

The most skilled runner can stumble, even over a misplaced pebble. So, while the same love is in my heart for just about anyone, how I show that is different, depending on our respective ages, genders, relationship status, setting and cultural surroundings. A young Taiwanese girl, about 15, once ran up to me with open arms-obviously wanting a hug. I spotted an older woman watching us, and calmly extended my right hand, with a nod of the head in the elder’s direction. The girl took the hint, and was spared the woman’s disdain. Respect for all concerned requires no less.

As I pile on the years, and the life experience, the ways in which people can be treated like royalty become more varied, and take on a deeper meaning. As with certain foods and beverages, aging only adds to value.

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