Springing Forward

March 20, 2023- My weight reduction coach gave me some abdominal fitness exercises, and foresaw that I may need three more weeks of the current dietary regimen, after which he will provide maintenance instructions and send me on my merry way.

He has helped me make permanent adjustments to both diet and exercise regimen, so whether I go to his club, after mid-April, is superfluous. The last big tendencies to gorge on certain foods are gone. A dietary shake will take the place of at least one meal each day and the solid meals themselves will be smaller. The digital scale can help in that vein.

Around town, the weather did not seem to know what it wanted to do, so the clouds just hung, grey and almost in grief, over the passage of winter. I, though, am not sad to see the destructive season go-and for the sake of those in saturated areas, may there be a benign period of drying out-with any rain falling on the places that have had too much aridity these past three months.

Here in central Arizona, we anticipate a couple more days of wetness, followed by a lamb-like end of March and a dry April. This may lead to my covering a shelter, for a day or two. It could be a benign fire season, and we could very well see Pacific hurricanes that take the place of fire as a source of concern. After May’s journey, I will be closer to Home Base for the summer, so will be in the thick of whatever disaster response comes to call.

As many of you know, Arizona-outside of the Navajo Nation, does not observe Daylight Savings Time. We do, though, have to time our actions in sync with the places which do-so any calls to the east coast will be made earlier in the morning and those to LA or the Pacific Northwest-or Nevada, for that matter, will be made later in the day. This is the stretch of year where, if I do go over to Texas, figuring in a two-hour leap ahead, in any planning, is de rigueur.

As this first day of Spring draws to a close, I am off to celebrate a Baha’i Spiritual Feast, our first in-person event in several months. COVID still affects a couple of people here, but it is nowhere near the menace it was, not so long ago. As always, humanity is making its way, springing ahead-even in the Southern Hemisphere, where time has fallen back.

2 thoughts on “Springing Forward

  1. It poured here today, harder than our previous atmospheric rivers, for the 11 hours following midnight — and, though it’s not raining now, it is expected to pick up again in mid-afternoon and last until tomorrow. In addition, the wind was blowing hard enough that the rain was falling sideways! And this is just phase 1 and 2 of 3 phases expected before the weekend! There are again serious flooding situations — Tulare County, north of Fresno, is 2 feet underwater — that’s the core of the Central Vallely, which is California’s prime agricultural area! This weather will affect the entire country!

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    • We are getting Phase One here, right now. I will be headed over to the town of Camp Verde, which is again at risk of being under water, by tomorrow morning. Another town, Mayer, is facing the same situation. We in the Red Cross will have a busy rest of the week.


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