A Healing Place In Home Base

April 28, 2023- The images have faded, over the last eight hundred or so years, but their messages still find their way into the psyches of the attentive and intuitive. A ring of seven petroglyphs summons the spiritual energy of those who drew them, and of their descendants who have also gone on.

Hikindg Buddy, Akuura, and I sat atop Solstice Mesa, from which one may see all of the area’s mountains, hills and buttes. Having long wanted to find a space where I might honour the solstices and equinoxes, and of finding at least one kindred soul to join, who was not lost in judgment of me-as people in Sedona and Paulden have become, the Universe arranged both. Here are a few scenes of Prescott Lakes, where the mesa is located.

Panorama Trailhead, Vista Park
Volcanic outcropping, Vista Hill
Petroglyph Point, Solstice Mesa
Message from our ancestors.
Set of ancient messages
Wheel in motion
Angel, or birdman?

We sat and talked for quite a bit longer, at this spot. It was just a much more assuring vibe-reminiscent of Airport Mesa, in Sedona, but without the crowds and the hubris of some of the locals. I guess the most important element is that Solstice Mesa is the long-sought center, in Prescott’s wheel- with Mingus Mountain (east), Wolverton Mountain (south), Thumb Butte (west) and Granite Mountain (north) as its spokes.

2 thoughts on “A Healing Place In Home Base

    • One of the pieces had a section chiseled out. What the “collectors don’t realize is that shelf life of a smudged petroglyph is less than a year. The proud owner will have a slab of bare shale, and nothing else, before much time has elapsed.


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