Who Adds Meaning?


December 16,2021- Every so often, someone has tried to insert self-or someone else- into my life, with the expectation that I will meet the part of themselves that is somehow lacking. The part of myself that felt I owed a measure to those less fortunate has made an effort to fulfill that expectation.

Guess what? Three very different people have tried to take over my life, with various tactics-including playing the “Family Card”-even though that person and I have never met. That each time ended in a crash and burn did not surprise my heart of hearts. I am the sort who loves easily, but becomes intimate only with time.

Conversely, there are those whom I genuinely love, and from whom I want nothing, who just can’t bring themselves to accept a person like me, for whatever reason within themselves. Some are biological family and others in my adopted community, who are vociferous about loving mankind, yet have odd boundaries-which I must respect and from whom I keep a certain distance.

I have long felt that the “Flower Power” movement of the ’60s and ’70s, and all it subsequent offshoots, are a collective chimera. No one can wave a magic wand and love everyone unconditionally-without first loving self, unconditionally. No one can really reach fulfillment by pursuing a cause, unless the seeds of fulfillment within oneself are being assiduously watered and nourished.

Likewise, no one who looks to someone else to meet their needs, abandonment in childhood aside, can possibly expect to not accept the brunt of that fulfillment themselves. Baha’u’llah tells us not to support beggars, and to cast a discerning eye on grifters and liars.

It is my task, first and foremost, to add value (not necessarily monetary) to my life and to as many lives as I encounter. In these days of darkness before the Light of Solstice, Christmas and New Year’s Day; days of natural disasters, stubborn disease, feckless financial sectors and benighted politicians who work to deprive the citizenry of its due-for the sake of upholding enshrined privilege, I ask each reader-who adds value to your life? You should be at the top of that list. Those who suck the life out of you should be at the bottom-if they even remain in your life at all.

Please give this song by Rachael Schroeder a listen.

Janus Blinks


January 31, 2017, Prescott-


New Year’s Day, and a San Diego rain

More rain, as the nation remembered

Martin Luther King.

Chills in the air,

and chillblains,

in the lungs of many friends.

Two good workouts,

with snow to be removed.

Winter can’t help

but be fast about its business.

So, as the Sun gets higher,

in the northern sky,

boreal winds begin to fly.

Snowmen and frosty flakes

get nudged, ever so slightly,

by crocuses, roses and chocolate.

On The Ground


January 2, 2017, Chula Vista-  “Make a friend today.  Be the first to smile, in a friendly way.”- These words, to a Bluegrass song, coming from my son’s housemate’s i-pod, say all that needs to be said, in the first step to healthy survival.

Son is understandably anxious, about the coming change in his life, which is why I’m here, this week, and will be available for him, between now and departure day.  It makes it easier,for both of us, that he will be in Arizona for most of that time.  Once he gets to Korea, there will plenty of other seasoned adults to guide him into the routine.

I went on a routine errand, to pick up some items at the local Ralph’s (SoCal’s version of Fry’s and Kroger’s), yesterday afternoon.  While backing out of my space, synchronicity almost led to crash, as a large SUV was also backing out, across from me and the guy who was waiting for my space was inching forward.  Each of us noticed the others, at the last split second, and no fender benders hailed in the New.  Such is life, in Bubble Land. I’m grateful to everyone, when I was growing up, who kept after me to get out of my head and pay attention. Now, I just have to keep their admonitions in mind, in all circumstances.

Today is statutory New Year’s Day, which means that, while the majority of us carry on with our lives, the government and the banks stay shuttered, more or less.  It could be more severe, though.  In Japan, New Year lasts for five days.  Then again, even here, if Congress and the Executive don’t get their act together, soon, it’ll be another series of rounds of “Who’s open for business?”, come April.

The rains were kind to SoCal, and to nearby eastern neighbours, this past weekend.  I sense we all may get a few more soakings, the rest of this winter.  It’ll be a relative drop in the bucket, but perhaps will be the start of a reasonable trend.

Reasonable trends are what we need, across the nation, and the planet.  I look forward to each such movement, however small. Have a great month, moving forward, everyone.  I will be here, as many days as possible.  Oh, and make a friend today!



This is where I can get very real about 2012, and the period immediately following- up to 2020.

I will try my level best to be on WordPress every day.  Since I missed January 1, there will be two posts today.  That’s okay, since the government and the finance industry are calling this “New Year’s Day”, as well.

Here are the first goals that come to mind, for me as an individual this year:

1.  Restructure my financial portfolio, such as it is.  The first step has already been taken- the nest egg is in good hands.  Next, I’m switching from whole life insurance to a mix of  money ops, one of which is, of course, to make sure my survivors can bury me with dignity when the time comes.  Another is seed money, so that I might actually grow enough capital to pay back the people who are supposedly so egregiously wronged by the short sale of my home.  It may not happen quickly enough to satisfy the government of Arizona, but I believe fair is fair.  Besides, I wasn’t brought up to expect handouts without reciprocation. The rest will go to taking care of things like taking the course I need in order to continue teaching and counseling, and getting my passport- for those times when I might like to visit my fellow humans across an artificial border.

2.  Continue to update my family tree, at least on my father’s side.  I want to get in touch with more cousins during the next three months, and join Ancestry.com, to get further along the history train’s earlier tracks.  My uncle got as far as the 1600’s.

3.  Establish Prescott chapters of ChildHelp USA and Stand for Children.  The first organization cares for abused and neglected children.  The second, works on educational issues.

4.  My faith is very central to my being.  I’ve been told, bye the bye, that my assistance is desired on a higher level.  I will keep my time open, in case that actually turns out to be true.

5.  Those who know me, know that travel, the outdoors and human heritage are all very important to me.  These interests will continue to be honoured in 2012.  I’m hoping a cousin of mine will be in Arizona, later this month, and I will join him in Tucson, if so.  Otherwise, I’ll just boogie on down to Arizona’s First City at the end of the month.  Other places await, as the year unfolds.