Interruptions, Not Setbacks


June 1, 2021- As I did every year, until the 2020 COVID interruption, I went over to the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, two miles north of here, this morning and received an essentially clean bill of health. I am also getting help with a small skin issue, that has been around, in one form or another, since 2013. The NPs who looked at it this morning took a biopsy, directly from the cyst, so I should have a better sense of it by Monday.

The other development is that someone apparently hacked my debit card, over the weekend and sent a purchase to the bank, which jumped on it right away. My card is canceled, with a new one taking its place. Thus, tomorrow or Thursday will be spent informing my legitimate vendors of the new information. As for the bogus company, no dice.

These matters pop up in everyone’s life, now and then, and when dealt with promptly, are mere interruptions. Setbacks, which many of us also face occasionally, can still be turned into progress, into victories, when we derive the intended lessons from the occurrences. So, I feel the morning’s events are new beginnings. I will have my account back, in a day or so, and I may well have my face back-as I was shown in a dream recently, within a few weeks.

Life doesn’t have to be a bowl of cherries- I actually prefer salted nuts, dried cranberries and seaweed snacks. Those arrived today, also.

These Changes Keep On


August 12, 2019-

I rose and shined, this morning, to crickets from the Sub Service (it’s only the second week of school) and a notion that it was time to simplify further.  After a laid back morning, I took more magazines and unsolicited 2020 calendars to the Veteran’s Hospital, got rid of some red t-shirts and parted with an old swivel office chair, two mismatched crutches-and my microwave oven.

It’s time for this supporter of Slow Food Prescott to put my money where my mouth is. Having heard every other naturopathic doc on the planet talk about the disruptive effects of this common feature of convenience and having used it less and less, I made the change.  The toaster oven, slow cooker and regular oven will work nicely.  I also have a solar oven, in the back, so there we are.

There may be other changes in the wind, but I can’t say for certain, as yet.  I just know they are at the door, when I feel their presence.  It’s supposed to be hotter than “double hockey stick”, from So Cal to Georgia, over the next two weeks.  We may get some rain, towards the end of August.  Until then:  Sun up, sun down.