Southern California, 2012 Trip 2: South Carlsbad to Dana Point

My first two days, in San Diego and Julian, were commemorative of  our 30th wedding anniversary, which fell on June 6.  I devoted my last post to those years so central to my life and my heart.  When Thursday rolled around, and it was time to move on, I started the day in South Carlsbad Beach, then moved on to Oceanside and Dana Point.


    Yes, I can’t seem to get enough of ocean beaches lately.  I walked near the Main Pier at Oceanside, near the south side of the Rock Walk.


    Dana Point, as scenic beaches go, is serious business.  The Promontory has at least two miles of nature trails, of which, given my morning’s agenda, I walked one.

    The town is named for Richard Henry Dana, who wrote an account of his experiences as a young Cape Horn-rounder in “Two Years Before The Mast”.  Richard described this area as “the most beautiful section of the entire coast.”  It certainly is scenic enough.  Richard’s statue welcomes us to the waterfront.

    Before going up onto the Promontory, I looked around the harborside park.  Boats sat safely in the estuary, while California Ground Squirrels quibbled over scraps.



    The Promontory delivers a fine view of town and beach- and a small bird rock.



    As you can see, there was a minimum of June Gloom last Thursday.

    Next up:  Revisiting Laguna Beach.

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