May 13, 2016, Prescott- Yesterday was a very tightly-packed day.  Work was routine, at the small school where I spent one last, pre-arranged day,punctuated only by a snafu involving our paychecks.  This was nicely counterbalanced by a timely check from another district, where I spent another “final” day, late last month.

Dashing hither and yon, after work, I voted in an American Legion election, facilitated a Baha’i study session and finally settled in for the evening, at 7:30 P.M.  Someone remarked to me, earlier in the evening, that perhaps those with hyper-busy schedules are covering up something.  Maybe, but in my case,  there is more of a sense of responsibility.  Trust me, I do like my unwind-time, and am comfortable in my own skin.

Now, I am back at Prescott High School, for the last ten days of the academic year, with a very strong possibility of returning in the Fall.  It’s Spring Festival time, so a school end-of-year assembly was held this morning, and Carnival is now being held, somewhere on campus.  I am with a few of my kids who just need a place to sit and feel safe.  That’s always been my wont- in too many places in the world, there are marginalized people.  In any high school, most find a niche.  Some end up in niche like mine, a good-sized, comfortable classroom, with a few computers, three round tables and an air of “you matter”.

Festivals, like surfable waves, hiking trails and 5 P.M., are always to be found, somewhere in the world.  Most are modest affairs, appealing only to locals. Yet,  each of them makes a big difference in the lives of several people.  So, great and small, they sustain us.  I have felt sustenance from many festivals, from the annual Ridvan gatherings, Thanksgiving Dinners and the camaraderie of St. Patrick’s, Fourth of July and Hallowe’en to the  every-so-many-years that I might make it to Mardi Gras, Chusok or Diwali.

Mostly, though, it’s what you make of every single day, that constitutes a festival.

5 thoughts on “Festivals

  1. was a puppy elevator hauling baskets of puppies to and from their first meal for themselves wolfed, yip yip yip! an extra helping for the pushed outs… and every pup weed outside… pleasant happening. helped with a temp gate and fence prep to cattle drive the critters soon enough to and from as in no baskets on baskets they’ll leave about 20 pounds a piece so lol that’s gonna be 11 trips at the end all too soon so fence! and otherwise enjoyed hot dogs action, complete with disgusting to many sauerkraut, mmm.


      • I cant say I adore kimchee much nor Korean in general…cuisine.. but I’m pleased I like some outlandish foods. but rats! I was trying to charm you with puppies! for the short spell of now til they’ve all homes 😀 PUPPIES! CUTE CUTE PUPPIES! *smile, but do not necessarily fall for this “barking’)


    • Those shoved into the corners of society can either be brought out into the light, or fester in the corners, and end up as cockroaches, doing what they think is right by the planet, but which most others regard as odious.

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