January 19, 2020-

I set out for a trailhead,

this noon,

and didn’t find it.

I will, though,

having come back here,

and used my ruler,

to apply the scale of miles.

I was asked to return

to the school where I worked

last week.

I will be back there,

to offer at least some


Belief in myself

has come late,

and come hard.

There are still critics,

but they barely know me.

They only know

their own frustration,

and own pain.

There are boosters,

who do know me,

and for whose


I am supremely


I think of this,

after a day

of floundering,

and of considering

the words of friend,

foe, and in-between,


I am not floundering,


and look to tomorrow,

and the week ahead,

as acts of service await.

7 thoughts on “Self-Belief

  1. Gary it is obvious that, even though there are always detractors, you make a difference in all the lives you touch. Someone at the school must know that or you wouldn’t have been asked to return. Stay the course.

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  2. Gary — This sounds like an ideal assignment for you — I hope that you can continue to work at this school for several weeks, providing continuity and assistance both for the students and for yourself. Do you work on MLK Day? And when it is over, I hope you will find that trailhead and walk the path it leads to.

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    • I will work there for as long as there is a need. There is an effort being made to hire permanent teachers, who the children sorely need. I am not working tomorrow, but will take part in community observances here in Prescott.

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