Circle of Gold

January 23, 2020-

The small circle of  staff members gathered on the lawn of Peach Springs School, after the students had left for the weekend.  We did a postmortem on the day, and the short week.  A decision was made, to gather student laptops, and wipe them clean of inappropriate websites.  When the students do get to use the devices again, they will be free of the sites that only reinforce the baser instincts that hobble so many youth.  There will be a more concerted effort to monitor these sites.  This is something that is de rigeur to me, in over twenty-seven years of dealing with youth and technology.  For others, not familiar with the technological prowess of youth, it is easy to lapse into a LaLa Land of denial. That denial could have proven deadly.

My time at Peach Springs ended, for now,with today’s lessons.  I am always welcome back there, but leave knowing that the person taking over the second grade class knows them well, and has a good command of elementary education.  My work there, for the time being, is done.  I will maintain contact with the staff and students with whom I have bonded, much as contact with lifelong friends elsewhere has been maintained.  Much more  will be said, over the coming months, about underachieving  communities.  The bottom line for Peach Springs and places like it, is that the community must recognize that their only hope comes from realizing that they, the people, are just as worthy and capable as anyone in this nation, or on this planet.  I will never stop encouraging others, whether up close or from a distance.

I have obligations, both here in Prescott, and by way of keeping vigilant, with a situation involving a dear friend of many years.   The days and months ahead will not lack for activity, involvement in community life or efforts at building.

As for Peach Springs School, over the coming months, may the parents and community start to clear away the dust from their collective ennui, and rebuild what can be a powerful, achieving community.  Then will the little circle of gold, that is the staff of that school, begin to be seen for who they are, and the children will be able to focus on what matters in their lives.

9 thoughts on “Circle of Gold

  1. I think we need a class regarding the internet in a class. They scared me off of social media until I was a little older. A group of girls made a list of everyone in their class and posted embarrassing details about them onto xanga. It was a scandal at my school and no one wanted to post anything. Now people are so mean and rude here that it teaches others, and I’ve fallen to it a few times, to behave badly at home and school. I do think we need to use our real names on the internet, too. That would cut down on many things. Putin read my blog. I kid you not. I should be trashy and say he has nice breasts, but that’s rude and mean. Stuff like that. But he had no problem putting a picture of me up getting shot by firing squad on RT, so I should enjoy seeing him get bashed, but I don’t. It’s difficult to age, especially when people treat you differently. He still won’t confess to what he did to me. 8.5 month headache really hurt. I know I sound crazy. It’s cool. You can disregard me.


      • I know. I annoyed him though. It became his business because I wrote on my blog how to dismantle patriot missiles, which would have been relevant in 1976 perhaps, but he wanted it known and killing me meant nothing to him. He wants to sell his ADA weapons. I only did it as a martyr thing. I’m always sacrificing myself. Occasionally, I entertain myself at night with that in a role game, the 1976 thing, but I won’t gross you out. I asked him for a settlement for 5 million dollars for the picture and what happened afterward. The FSB sent a young man who followed me down the sidewalk and said “nyet.” DA! I’m on aide now, but I’ll never work again and want a house.

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      • Don’t think I did big treason, not that I’d go to jail like a normal person. Oh no, we must destroy me in every way. I didn’t kill anyone. I’ve probably done the opposite. They punished me for themselves. They know. Guess they’ll have to put more funding into THAAD. I’m sure a general loves me for that opportunity.

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      • I’m the antihero, and I still think what I did was wrong. It wasn’t dealt with appropriately. Even if they couldn’t nail me for treason, I did sign a document when I left the army that said I couldn’t talk about the weapons. They could have gotten me legally, not that I was competent at that time. My security clearance is burned, buried, chopped up, fed to pigs, etc. If they wanted to ruin me politely, they could have ran an article on it, and I’d be socially shamed and not be able to find a job again.

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      • I can waste my time with a dream. A security clearance is meaningless. They rarely vet anyone and give it to everyone, trust me. I’ve been schizophrenic for a while and my parents leave much to be desired. How do you think Snowden and Manning got theirs as well? Snowden even joined the agency with the intent to spy on them, but my event was big enough to chase and torture me? Waste of resources. It’s not like I’d get anywhere anyway. They lost face either way.

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