The Coffee Pot and The Teacup Trail

October 13, 2022- The two of us sat on a fairly comfortable rock bench, gazing at a rather bland, but still comforting, sunset. My hiking buddy, Akuura, and I both have an affinity for Sedona, as well as for Prescott. So, we headed out in mid-afternoon, for the express purpose of a hike which would take in the sunset.

The trail scheme we chose started with Teacup Trail, which heads to this spot, more widely known as Coffee Pot Rock.

Coffee Pot Rock (right), in Sugarloaf complex, Sedona
Coffee Pot Rock, close-up

Much of our hike was spent on Sugarloaf Loop, a fairly flat, circuitous route, that goes between the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain and the rock formations that include Coffee Pot. We walked close to, but not up, the short summit trail. HB is still working up to more vigourous trails. Then the route took us back around, towards Coffee Pot, before we looped up to the stone benches that gave us the views of sunset.

One of the delights of any part of the Southwest is that colours seem to change, as the sun gets lower towards the horizon. Here are two views of Chimney Rock, west of Thunder Mountain and Sugarloaf.

Chimney Rock, Sedona, at 4:15 p.m.
Chimney Rock, Sedona, at 5:11 p.m.

Here is the sunset, which bid us farewell, from our perch on the west slope of Sugarloaf.

Sunset, from Sugarloaf Mountain, Sedona

The beauty of the area is evident, and another beautiful aspect is that hiking in the Southwest is like opening Chinese boxes or Matryoshka dolls, there is always another trail, at the end of the one you are walking. There is much to explore, in the months ahead.

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