Just Because…

July 23, 2108, Prescott-

Of course, my accounts of my travels will continue, later today.  My mind was roiling, earlier this morning, with a feeling that someone was silently accusing me of prejudice, for not settling into another relationship, for not ending my widowhood.  Penny appeared to me afterward, in my mind’s eye, and told me:

“You love, intensely.

Just because you have no romantic feelings for anyone in your present Baha’i community does not make you callous, unfeeling, prejudiced.

You are there for each person, helping each as needed.

That does not require you to fit into a niche.

You love, intensely

Just because you have a strong friendship with a woman who is of entirely different mindset, in terms of Faith, does not mean you are disloyal to Baha’u’llah.

Conversely, as I’ve told you before, you and she are steadfast friends, no more, no less. You would gladly see her find someone who will cherish her, forever.

You love, intensely.

You see your younger co-workers as if they were your own daughters.  Their struggles are your own and you help them where they need help, taking nothing from their dignity.

You love, intensely.

Each day, whether on the road or at what you call Home Base, the needs, large and small, of women, men and children who cross your path have as much urgency as your own.

Just because some are, occasionally, put off by what they see as your shortcomings or errors, does not mean you are unworthy of respect.  They have their own burdens.

Carry on, my love.  As time continues, your true destiny will keep on unfolding.  You have miles to go.”

With that, my angst subsided.


21 thoughts on “Just Because…

  1. Just make certain that any such doubts or feelings are completely resolved before you settle into a long-term relationship. As an aside, I could have used the support of somebody with those characteristics over the past weekend!.

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  2. Seems the world keeps trying to define an individual according to the perceptions of others. My boss said to me the other day “Perception is reality” in trying to explain that I was being judged by how others perceive me instead of any facts (or my actions). It is a rampant problem. So sorry you were caught in that web. Lucky for you that the voice of reason penetrated the angst and brought you to peace!

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  3. Very wise words you have written. Sometimes we are very good at doling out advice for others, yet we forget about ourselves and our own needs. When the time is right, you will know to move on to new ventures. I’m glad you are at peace over this.

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  4. Aaaarch those fixed mindsets of some people. Connecting with you, I’ve learned you don’t have to question yourself dear Gary. Like your beloved Penny, I too sense you love intensely. And I would like to add, trust your heart and soul, you’re a wise man.
    Big hug! XxX

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  5. Love them forever… here or there… love them still… don’t care what others say… love them forever… no one may understand and that is okay… they are them and you are you… life is a ride and every ride is different… hugs my friend… until the end of time… your strength inspires me…

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