May 16, 2019-

Just some random thoughts, on a blustery but otherwise laid back day:

  1. I contacted my employer, and found there is one person doing the work of three.  Sound familiar?
  2. May is seeming more like March, around here.  Higher elevations in the Rockies may get snow, over the next few days.
  3. I would weigh in on Game of Thrones, but-a) I’m still watching Season 7; b) The outpouring of dissatisfaction is a perfect distraction from real-time events; c) The outcome is not subject to popular opinion.
  4.  No sooner did I wonder what on Earth I was doing here, than three different projects presented themselves.
  5. One of those projects involves an All-in-One Printer.  Guess what has gone kaput and needs replacing?
  6. I’ve said it a few times:  I count many different people, all ages, ethnicities, creeds, orientations and body types, as friends.  That stands, because it’s who I am.  If you are kind, considerate and honest, I am your friend.
  7. Romantic interest, though, is my private domain and no, I won’t “consider all the possibilities”.  Nor will I intrude on anyone else’s business, in that regard.  We are each entitled to our own preferences, and I am drawn, in that way, to some women, but not to others.  I guess that makes me neurotypical, in that respect.  I don’t think it makes me mean.
  8.   No offense is intended, in any of the above remarks.
  9. Life is sacred.  Consider the safety and well-being of others.  These two statements are not contradictory.
  10. The planet and its parts, including living parts, deserve to be honoured.  It’s possible to make a living and still be honourable.  Let’s figure this out, together.

8 thoughts on “Obliqueness

  1. Life is good as a good McDonalds double cheeseburger, my favorite meal. I don’t often have it, as I am obese, but yeah, it’s even better than sushi. It always makes me very happy. Unlike you, I don’t work. I doubt I’ll do much of that, as I am actually disabled and notice serious limitations. I lost my phone over 4 times today. Alexa finds it for me. I also got disoriented in Wal-Mart. I can walk to the VA, as it is a straight shot and hard to miss.

    Also, I prefer to let people be drawn to me and to keep my distance from them in subtle mannerisms. If I try to call friends, I’ll be reminded of how hated I am. It’s like, you have futures, I know. Putin pretty much ruined my life with his planted demons. Not that I’m going to dwell on that and let Putin win his sick games nor MM. Heaven forbid we do things the non-kooky way.

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  2. Those are some pretty oblique observations! 1) do you have your substitute certificate yet? 2) It’s like February here — rainy this morning, windy this afternoon, and more coming. 6-8) Kind, considerate, and honest are keys to any friendship — romantic not necessarily so, and often takes longer to develop. 9-10) True those. The world is upside down right now, and going sideways too! Hopefully the next election cycle will help!

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  3. Your introspection is interesting. I posit that if more people spent a little time looking inward and developing a compass (moral or otherwise) #9 & #10 would not be an issue!


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